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Australian artist Arno Schilling, hand sculptured this amazing mural. This mural is a visual detailed account of the first settlers beginning a new life in Australia in 1788.

This magnificent mural is a unique, hand sculptured art piece. Arno drew the 'First Landing' in detail before hand carving his way into the scenery, of which Captain Tench described in his diaries, happend on the foreshores of Sydney Cove in 1788.

First Landing
First Landing
First Landing

The First Landing
2.5m x 4.1m | Approximately 250kg | Thickness is 110mm

When the 'First Fleet' arrived on the foreshores of Australia, rugged bush land needed to be cleared.

This scene on the far left side of the mural depicts how the settlers were axing their surroundings and clearing the foreshore of Sydney Cove.

This was a new beginning for the settlers and the birthing of our great nation.

First Landing
First Landing
Clearing the Foreshores of Sydney Cove.

This is the center of the mural and in the foreground two men are bulding a forge,which was very important to the first settlers. Directly behind the forge is a storage tent.

Near the shoreline Longboats were used to carry supplies back and forth from the ships.

In the background you can see the how elegantly and magnificently Arno has visually captured the ‘First Fleet’ anchored in Sydney Cove.

First Landing
First Landing
First Landing
The forge being built and long boats
in the background.
The Magnificent ‘First Fleet’ Anchored
in Sydney Cove.

This is the right side of the mural and we find directly behind the man with the goat, a soup kitchen, a small frame like fixture with a fire and large pot.

In the background next to the Longboat is Governor Phillip’s tent and flying high for all to see is the Union Jack.

Arno describes how Governor Phillip was busy writing out contracts in his tent for various workmen; this became the first free enterprise in Australia.

First Landing
First Landing
The soup kitchen & Captain Phillip’s tent next to the Longboat.


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