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Arno Schilling’s natural ability of designing, sculpting and painting is outstanding and many people have admired his craftsmanship here in Australia and overseas. Arno Schilling’s creative artwork has also gained serious and deserved recognition in publications and television programs over the years.

Some of Arno’s original artwork is hand sculptured in detail, using versatile mediums such as marble, wood, sandstone, concrete, bronze etc. Arno blends his passion for realism with a modern feel, having a natural ability to see each creation before it emerges.

In his younger years, Arno completed his apprenticeship at Majolica Ceramic Art School in Karlsruhe, studying sculpture and fine arts.

Arno’s commissioned art has ranged from a 12m hand carved Maori war canoe, to a large mural, standing 3.9m x 2.4m, for Hamilton Island Resort, depicting the sail of Captain Cook’s Endeavour. This mural was sold to entrepreneur and developer, the late Keith Williams.

The late George Harrison had also commissioned Arno for specific personalized artwork throughout the years.

One of the most unusual commissioned artwork for Arno was duplicating a misplaced country's Olympic Torch for the 2000 Olympic games.

Arno is a sculptor, painter and designer of fine arts able to create a personalized design for your home or business. Investing in this type of artwork will bring you personal enjoyment with a financial gain for the future.

Artist Arno Schilling


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